Helpful Internet Sites

1. Brought to you by Davidson College, this easy to navigate resource includes general box turtle information including: identification, sexing, habitat and food preferences, and finally the site includes concerns involving the conservation of box turtles. We suggest this site if you are just interested in learning the basics on box turtles.

Davidson's College Easter Box Turtle Information site.

2. A quick site that is directed towards taking care and raising box turtles. A general overview of what their habitat and needs are supposed to be provides the reader with insight into how to care for a box turtle as a pet. Mary Hopson's website for avid turtle lovers will give you information on adequate temperatures for box turtles, their feeding and lighting needs, as well as housing. We recommend this site if you are interested in keeping a box turtle as a pet.

3. We recommend the Information compiled by site for if you guidance in the identification of box turtles. This general information includes their habitat, their composure, their migration and feeding tenancies, as well as links to pages regarding the turtle's relationships with both humans and its natural surroundings (other animals, plants, etc.)

4. Austin Texas' official box turtle information site. A short site with the basic information needed to understand box turtles. Not very in depth, but if you want to learn a little bit about box turtles than this is a great site for that, just the basics.

5. Bill's Box Turtles! A haven for box turtle lovers, a very fun and interactive site meant for fun learning and basic info. Not meant for very scientific information and in depth details pertaining to box turtles.

6. A personal diary of a person's experiences with box turtles, and their observations of the animal. A less formal site created as a project much like this one. Once again just a fun site if you want some basic information.

7. A very detailed and extensive site brought to you by the North Carolina government. Very official looking and with very extensive facts and knowledge.

8. Join the box turtle conversation! Join the community driven box turtle forums. Share your own experiences and info that people might not have mentioned yet, and see what lots of people have to say about box turtles.

9. An article on box turtles written by expert Steve Zuppa. It has everything from housing box turtles and taking care of them, to simply enjoying them and studying them.

10. Ending on a fun note. Another page dedicated to loving box turtles and caring for them. Very helpful if you are interested in raising your own box turtle.